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Unmanned aerial inspections deliver a cost-effective, reliable and safe alternative to traditional inspection methods. Cut inspection costs by up to 80% and do it all with zero human risk!

Our aerial inspections using modern Drone technology provide detailed visual information for assets in the Engineering and Renewable Energy sectors.

Physical inspection techniques can put your employee’s health and safety at significant risk. Our unmanned aerial vehicles virtually eliminate any health and safety issues by removing the need to physically assess assets in person.

Industries Inspected

Construction / Engineering

Track the momentum of development projects and communicate progress providing safe, detailed visual data. Operators can inspect thousands of properties without taking a step, saving time and man power on big projects.

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Renewable Energy

Our aerial inspection services allow for the ability to inspect wind turbines more accurately compared to traditional methods. The reliability and time-savings equate up to 80% cost savings per turbine compared to manual inspection. Our aerial inspection services are also utilized for inspecting solar panels on rooftops and hard to reach places.

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