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From Above Inc. is a Canadian leader in drone technology solutions servicing clients near Toronto, Ontario and British Columbia. Let’s get to work.


Compliant, Precise, Expert Drone Services for Businesses.

From Above is a proudly Canadian UAV service company located in the greater Toronto and greater Vancouver areas. We are trained and certified by Transport Canada with thousands of combined hours of UAV piloting experience.

Our mandate is to deliver the highest quality aerial data to allow our clients to make informed decisions that streamline projects and drive business. As a result, we are the professionals that dozens of national and multinational corporations trust to serve their day-to-day operations.


Reducing Hazardous Man Hours and Increasing Efficiencies.

Our drone services in Toronto, across Ontario, and British Columbia are able to deliver accurate, reliable data and imagery to optimize your business operations. We are ‘advanced ops’ certified and exceed Canadian compliance guidelines to carry out operations safely and efficiently to the highest standard.


Advanced Drone Technology Services.

Construction Drone Services Toronto, Construction Drone Services Vancouver


Drone construction solutions for your job site to improve communication and save time on making decisions that are vital to your business.

Commercial Drone Services Toronto, Commercial Drone Services Vancouver


The easiest and most effective way to visualize company assets. Improve investor and stakeholder relations using our commercial drone solutions for every business.

Commercial Drone Inspection Services Toronto, Commercial Drone Inspection Services Vancouver


Drive business decisions confidently with our safe and reliable aerial drone inspection services in Ontario and B.C.

Advanced Expert Drone Mapping Services Toronto, Advanced Drone Mapping Services Vancouver


Drone surveying and mapping services will create an accurate map for your job site in a fraction of the time and cost of traditional methods.


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